The Buckhorn Oaks Special Dependent District was created by Hillsborough County Ordinance #97-13, pursuant to Section 189.4041(4), Florida Statutes, in October 1997, for the purpose of continued development, administration and maintenance of the common areas of Buckhorn Oaks, an 87 parcel subdivision in eastern Hillsborough County, Florida.

The District is a special dependent tax district as defined in Section 189.403, Florida Statutes. The governing body of the District is the Board of Trustees, which is comprised of seven members. The general operating authority of the District is contained in Section 189.404, Florida Statute.

Board Members

Rhonda Walsh, President
Dawn Marshall, Vice President
John Gulla, Treasurer
Hank Wehle, Secretary
Lanette Glass, Board Member
John Hart, Board Member
Kristen Hamilton, Board Member